DVD  2 hr 19 mins   IMDB  7.8
As Good As It Gets
Columbia TriStar (1997)
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Comedy, Romance
USA  /  English

Jack Nicholson Melvin Udall
Cuba Gooding Jr. Frank Sachs
Helen Hunt Carol Connelly
Greg Kinnear Simon Bishop
Shirley Knight Beverly
Yeardley Smith Jackie
Lupe Ontiveros Nora
Skeet Ulrich Vincent Lopiano
Ross Bleckner Carl
Jill the Dog Verdell
Bibi Osterwald Neighbor Woman
Shane Black Cafe 24 Manager
Peter Jacobson Man at Table
Lisa Edelstein Woman at Table
Jesse James Spencer Connelly

Director James L. Brooks
Producer James L. Brooks; Bridget Johnson
Writer James L. Brooks; Mark Andrus
Musician Hans Zimmer

Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson), a successful, but misogynistic writer with obsessive-compulsive disorder, likes to control every last detail of his life. He has stringent rules about what small things, such as what sort of pavement he can or can't walk upon, but it is his insistence on receiving his breakfast only from waitress Carol Connelly (Helen Hunt) that changes his life. He finds himself adrift one morning when she is absent from work, forcing him into the sort of close contact with the people around him that he's made a science of avoiding. Yet another strange series of events leaves a dog owned by his neighbor, Simon Bishop (Greg Kinnear) in Melvin's care. Soon, the three find themselves in an unlikely friendship, beginning an adventure that forces Melvin's highly structured life to change entirely.

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