DVD  1 hr 45 mins   IMDB  5.6
20th Century Fox (1974)
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Fantasy, Science Fiction
UK  /  English

Sean Connery Zed
Charlotte Rampling Consuella
Sara Kestelman May
John Alderton Friend
Sally Anne Newton Avalow
Niall Buggy Arthur Frayn / Zardoz
Bosco Hogan George Saden

Director John Boorman
Producer John Boorman; Charles Orme
Writer John Boorman
Musician David Munrow

In the year 2293 the Earth is in a post-apocalyptic stage and its inhabitants are divided in classes. The Eternals are the most powerful and evolute, cannot die, and live in an alternate dimension called Vortex. To escape the boredom of their aimless life, the Eternals provide weapons to the Exterminators, which live outside the Vortex and are mortal. The warrior class of the Exterminators rules over the rest of the mortals, the Brutals. The Exterminators venerate Zardoz, a huge flying head of stone. An Exterminator called Zed (Sean Connery), hidden among the offerings to Zardoz, enter the head of stone and kills its pilot Frayn (Niall Buggy). Arrived in the Vortex Zed is made prisoner by two Eternals females, May (Sara Kestelman) and Consuella (Charlotte Rampling). Surviving thanks to May and to a jester called Friend (John Alderton), Zed learns about the origin and the secrets of the Vortex. Zed also discovers how his own origin is different by that of the other mortals and tied to Zardoz itself. At the same time, his wild appeal destabilizes a world which has forgot about passion, love and sex. Finally the Vortex has to succumb to Time, after Zed has destroyed its inner source of power.

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