DVD  1 hr 48 mins   IMDB  6.5
Regarding Henry
Paramount Pictures (1991)
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USA  /  English

Mikki Allen Rachel Turner
Annette Bening Sarah Turner
Harrison Ford Henry Turner
Michael Haley Court Clerk
Stanley Swerdlow Mr. Matthews
Julie Follansbhee Mrs. Matthews
Rebecca Miller Linda
Bruce Altman Bruce
Elizabeth Wilson Jessica
Donald Moffat Charlie Cameron

Director Mike Nichols
Producer Mike Nichols; Scott Rudin
Writer J.J. Abrams

“Regarding Henry” shows what happens when someone is given a second chance. Henry Turner (Harrison Ford) is a prominent lawyer who has reached where he is by sacrificing everything in his life including his family. His marriage is a joke, he’s nowhere near a father figure to his daughter, Rachel (Mikki Allen) and he’s cheating on his wife, Sarah Turner (Annette Bening). Henry was at the top of his game until one night he went to the store and was shot in the head. When Henry awakens he finds he has to begin again and relearn everything from speech and mobility to how to function and socialize. Now Henry finds that his past life is a world that he doesn’t fit into nor does he want.

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Edition Great Directors Collection
Barcode 9324915068674
Region Region 4
Packaging Snap Case
No. of Disks/Tapes 1